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LCCI nyelvvizsga

Since its foundation in 1887, The London Chamber of Commerce & Industry Examinations Board, (LCCIEB) has played a leading role worldwide in providing vocational qualifications in the English language, particularly in English for Business. The Board operates in 125 countries and has a network of over 8500 centers, through which it provides over 500 thousand exams every year.

Our exams:


The English for Business language exam consists of written and oral parts that can be taken separately. It is a single language exam (therefore there is no translation) and is levelbased. Level 1 is Basic, Level 2 is Intermediate (officially recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Education) and Level 3 is Advanced.


The EDI JETSET (Junior English Tests, Senior English Tests) ESOL International Qualifications are skills based English Language qualifications that have been designed to develop and assess a candidate's ability to communicate in English. Also officially recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Education

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